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Public Installation

England Expects … (2014) // England Expects … (Aotearoa) (2015)

The sonic output varies over time as the lines respond to tide height and wind strength, whilst a hint of things to come is ever present in the shipping forecast. The system is powered by the sun.

Home (2012)

Solar powered planes of light imply a three-dimensional structure.

Earth v Sky (opened by the Lord Mayor of Sydney 24th April 2012)

Lit from all sides, these two magnificent Moreton Bay Figs respond to the changing shades of the twilight and night sky. Particularly noticeable during sunset, the trees visually complement the changing colours in the sky, as the lighting system continuously adjusts in real time […]

Sonic Wells (Cork/Sydney) (2008)

Wells, water holes, hot springs and billabongs were until recently central meeting points for communities worldwide.  ‘Drawing’ on this global history, Allan Giddy is testing pairs, or groups, of ‘sonic wells’ that communicate with ‘sister’ wells elsewhere in the world. Each well collects ambient sounds which, transmitted live, are emitted from its sister well(s).  Thus […]

Sonic Wells (prototype – Beijing/Sydney) (2008)

The 1st stage of the Sonic Wells project consisted of a sonic link-up between a bustling Beijing station and Sydney’s relatively deserted Olympic Park Station during the Beijing Olympics, 8-24 August 2008. Live audio from the street outside the Beijing station, combined with audio recorded inside, was streamed into the emptiness of Olympic Park Station, […]

Weather Cranes (2007)

Two heritage-listed cranes are rendered humidity and temperature sensitive. Each crane holds aloft (on its pulley wire) a set of switched, weather-responsive coloured indicator lights. One of these sets of lights responds to temperature, and the other to relative humidity.

Minor Attractor (Prototypes II & III) (2002)

Minor Attractor stores solar energy each day, utilising it at night to attract insects. The resultant artificial ecosystem is simultaneously displayed under the same UV light that is used as the ‘attractor’. […]

See Me See You (2000)

Videos captured during ‘Mind’s Eye,’ included in the Paralympics Arts Festival, Sydney, 2000.

6 low quality analogue video surveillance cameras capture the public unawares in a light-free interactive installation space. […]

Ice Heart (1998)

A small glass chamber containing a heart moulded from ice sits atop a tiled pyramid. A solar-powered refrigerator unit hidden within the pyramid cools the chamber to freezing. Solar cells lying on beach towels around the pyramid provide the energy with which the ice heart is maintained. Sunny days provide ample power to cool the […]

Blitz Fanger (1994)

Blitz Fanger is capable of receiving a lightning strike and transmitting it to a metal plate (which is connected to earth). Participants are invited to present ‘objects of hate’ to the device for destruction. These objects are tagged with the name, occupation, city and country of residence of the donor, along with the date of […]