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Home (2012)

Solar powered planes of light imply a three-dimensional structure.

Shedding (Inside Out) (2011)

a collaboration with Atanas Djonov

An inner sanctum protected by a meniscus of steel serves as both shelter and platform. From this safe haven the two artists explore their feelings concerning time and distance in an attempt to

Pissoir (2000-01)

a collaboration with Steven Greenwood

Pre-existing urinals in a gallery toilet are sensitised to allow participants (both male & female) to draw using their urine. As the urine passes through a light field it is tracked by computer. The resulting line drawings are traced life-size in real-time on monitors in an adjacent gallery space. […]

Window, Not (dedicated to Howard Arkley) (1999)

This window emits broad spectrum light in an attempt to emulate daylight. Like a real window it changes with the fluctuating light of the day, giving an artificial impression of the world outside, using light as a medium. Produced with the assistance of the UNSW Solar Research Centre, this work involved the construction of an […]

Grid (1995)

Eight infra-red detectors are placed in two rows of four at right angles to one another as shown thus forming an invisible grid. The normally open contact on each detector switches five volts which, when closed through interruption of the beam, feeds a computer input (i,o) card. The computer, in turn, is equipped with a […]

Hours Remaining in the Life of Allan Giddy (1994)

Hours Remaining in the Life of Allan Giddy is a solar-powered, digital, backwards-counting machine. I calculated how many hours I would have left to live, based on the average life span of a New Zealand male born in the 1960s, then programmed this information into my small machine and set it running. I took care […]

Clock (1993)

In this work the gradual disintegration of a wooden dome bombarded with light becomes the marker of passing time.View Post Inspired by Rudolph Steiner’s statement, “everything in the universe is made from light”, I hypothesised that if this were true and everything is made of light, it would therefore be deconstructed when bombarded by light, […]