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Video Installation

Night Swimmer (2010-15)

A Sisyphean swimmer toils relentlessly against the current. His single stroke, trapped in an endless glitch of video, pulls a moment into a string of moments, into a night of moments. This capsule of time, his personal bubble of nowness, ends only with each sunrise.                                                        In New Plymouth 2015 Projected video (1.9 seconds repeated) […]

The Pont-Aven Leaves (2008-11)

Opened on the 8th July, 6pm, Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland.

At 4 o’clock every Saturday afternoon the Pont-Aven ferry leaves Cork, Ireland on its way to France. Over the period of a year, six half-hour video clips of Cork Harbour were taken from the same vantage point. Each clip starts at precisely 4:10 pm but focuses on a different area of the harbour, so that […]

Stations of the Cross (2008)

Crows vying to roost on St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, Ireland ‘recompose’ the Irish/Australian ballad ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’ in bells/organ/choir, with each point of the cross made active to their touch. If the crows were to cooperate and sit on each point for the duration of the tune, the bushranger Jack Doolan would be shot in the face. Thus the cathedral becomes […]

The Patriots (Waltzing Matilda) (2007)

A group of swimmers form a small temporary community. While waves play the swimmers as notes, this group calls to mind groups working on the fringes of Australian territorial control, resisting the waves of people and influence from abroad. […]

Newtown Shuffle (2005)

A colour-to-sound formula has been produced by the artist, by asking a cross-section of people to correlate a colour wheel with a musical scale. This formula has been applied to footage of a drive along King St., Newtown, Sydney – a section of road known locally as ‘the Newtown shuffle’ due to its […]

You (2005)

This footage was captured on the main Sydney-Perth highway, with a tripod sitting on the white line about 200 km from the mining town of Broken Hill. My father was terminally ill at the time, and being so far from a large airport, in a vast plain with no mobile phone coverage, caused me great anxiety. Shortly after I returned to Sydney my father died. […] The image comes in waves of absence and presence […] The air is thick and hot, too hot to take wing […]

Postcard from Broken Hill (2004)

Shot from inside a spinning, speeding car, this work captures one of the local youth’s attempts to escape their ennui. […]

See Me See You (2000)

Videos captured during ‘Mind’s Eye,’ included in the Paralympics Arts Festival, Sydney, 2000.

6 low quality analogue video surveillance cameras capture the public unawares in a light-free interactive installation space. […]