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Weather Cranes (2007)

commissioned by Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Site: ‘The Armory’ heritage site, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney

Two heritage-listed cranes are rendered humidity and temperature sensitive. Each crane holds aloft (on its pulley wire) a set of switched, weather-responsive coloured indicator lights.  One of these sets of lights responds to temperature, and the other to relative humidity.  The lights range in colour from blue at the top of the chain, through green and amber, to red at the bottom.  Switching controllers, custom-built for this project, are installed in the crane cabs. In conditions of extreme heat and humidity, the colour of the cab interiors also deepens.

Materials: electronics, lights, temperature and humidity sensors, steel

Dimensions: 2 units, each 15m high x 4.5m x 8m





photograph and diagram – one group of lights