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Postcard from Broken Hill (2004)

Digital video (3 mins 50 secs, looped)

Shot from inside a spinning, speeding car, this work captures one of the local youth’s attempts to escape their ennui.



DVD, rotating postcard rack, postcards (video stills)

Installation requirements:

240V power supply, DVD player, projector

Setup time: 1 day



Postcard … as installed in Radiography (in Sculpture 2005 festival), Sir Hermann Black Gallery, Sydney


Review: Dominique Angeloro, Sydney Morning Herald, Jan 28 2005

“Allan Giddy’s Postcard from Broken Hill consists of a large video projection of a dusty country landscape. Giddy has shot this dizzying footage from a speeding car, creating a blurred vision of the landscape.

It is accompanied by the revved-up sound of the hooning car as it maps out “doughnuts” in the dirt.

Giddy’s installation is even fitted out with a stand of souvenir postcards featuring stills from the video.”