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Minor Attractor (Prototypes II & III) (2002)

Minor Attractor stores solar energy each day, utilising it at night to attract insects. The resultant artificial ecosystem is simultaneously displayed under the same UV light that is used as the ‘attractor’.  The outer glass chamber has three circular holes cut into each side, facilitating the passage of air and also of insects, attracted by the ultraviolet light. The presence of these insects in turn attracts spiders to the work; the resulting web formations glow whitely in the UV light.

A separate mounting construction houses a solar panel, affording the work electrical autonomy whilst also deferring both conceptually and physically to our great attractor, the sun. Power from this panel is stored inside the work and expended at night.

Materials: glass, concrete, fluorescent UV light, solar panel, batteries

Dimensions: 108 x 55 x 35 cm

















Prototype II























Prototype III