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Ice Heart (1998)

A small glass chamber containing a heart moulded from ice sits atop a tiled pyramid. A solar-powered refrigerator unit hidden within the pyramid cools the chamber to freezing. Solar cells lying on beach towels around the pyramid provide the energy with which the ice heart is maintained. Sunny days provide ample power to cool the heart, while rainy and cloudy days are normally cooler and so require less energy. In this way a rough balance is achieved, ensuring the ice heart remains icy.

During the day batteries contained within the sculpture’s base are topped up to assist night cooling, while double-insulated glass protects the heart in its chamber, yet allows the public visual access. The aesthetic exudes a feeling of ‘protected restraint,’ protecting both the technology and the heart from environmental/public action in a robust manner.

Materials: solar panels, refrigeration unit, ceramics, steel, security glass, ice

Size: 1.7m high, 1.3m sq. plus solar panels