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Blitz Fanger (1994)

Blitz Fanger is capable of receiving a lightning strike and transmitting it to a metal plate (which is connected to earth). Participants are invited to present ‘objects of hate’ to the device for destruction. These objects are tagged with the name, occupation, city and country of residence of the donor, along with the date of donation. They are then placed in line to await insertion on the sculpture’s ‘vaporising plate’. As there will only be a strike every 25 years or so the objects collected will, through time, form a fascinating record of past emotions.












All hated objects should be smaller than a shoebox. They should be accompanied by the following information:

Donor’s name, job, city and country of residence.

To donate an object of hate to the work, please contact Bernhard Thome: Berthome@gmx.de


Materials: wood, ceramics, steel, donated ‘objects of hate’

Dimensions: variable