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Clock (1993)

In this work the gradual disintegration of a wooden dome bombarded with light becomes the marker of passing time.View Post

Inspired by Rudolph Steiner’s statement, “everything in the universe is made from light”, I hypothesised that if this were true and everything is made of light, it would therefore be deconstructed when bombarded by light, and that the time that this deconstruction would take, for any given mass and light intensity, could be calculated. With this in mind I constructed a device capable of ‘evaporating’ a round of wood. Physicist Dr. John Smith (UNSW) calculated the time that this would take; I then created a plaque reading ‘This light when activated will completely dissipate the round of wood within 350 years’, and attached it to the front of the ‘Clock’.


Materials: aluminium, stainless steel, electrics, wood

Dimensions: 34 x 24 x 12 cm approx