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Sonic Wells (prototype – Beijing/Sydney) (2008)

Beijing subway sounds for web —-  Press to hear

Wells, water holes, hot springs and billabongs were until recently central meeting points for communities worldwide.  ‘Drawing’ on this global history, Allan Giddy is creating pairs, or groups, of ‘sonic wells’ that communicate with ‘sister’ wells elsewhere in the world.

Each well collects ambient sounds which, transmitted live, are emitted from its sister well(s).  Thus people seated around one well hears live audio as it is incident at its sister well and vice versa, enabling two or more communities to communicate with each other.

These wells themselves become contemporary gathering places, mirroring both the history and the nature of the well, and expanding its potential by connecting geographically separated communities in collective sound scapes.


Sonic Wells – prototype connecting Beijing and Sydney Olympic Park (2008)

The 1st stage of the Sonic Wells project consisted of a sonic link-up between a bustling Beijing station and Sydney’s relatively deserted Olympic Park Station during the Beijing Olympics, 8-24 August 2008.  Live audio from the street outside the Beijing station, combined with audio recorded inside, was streamed into the emptiness of Olympic Park Station, where rail users were intrigued to find themselves surrounded by the bustle and hum of the Beijing station.  This work fully tested the hard- and software systems to be used in subsequent stages of the project.