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See Me See You (2000)

6 black-and-white analogue videos (30 mins approx, synched and looped)

Videos captured during ‘Mind’s Eye,’ included in the Paralympics Arts Festival, Sydney, 2000.

6 low quality analogue video surveillance cameras capture the public unawares in a light-free interactive installation space. The 160 sqm space is reduced to a 6-screen synched presentation. Participants weave their way from screen to screen as they blindly circumnavigate the darkened space.

Thankyou to the ‘Mind’s Eye’ team, including Mark Brown, Nick Wishart, Steven Hamper and Peter Woodford-Smith.

Materials: 6 x analogue videos / DVDs

Installation requirements: 240V power supply, 6x projectors, 6x DVD players, large space with 3 walls at right angles