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England Expects … (2014) // England Expects … (Aotearoa) (2015)

England Expects (Aotearoa) installed in New Plymouth 2015England Expects … (Aotearoa) installed in Ngāmotu/New Plymouth

Contact microphones on the tips of fishing rods turn each line into an aeolian harp. Issuing from one of the speakers on the solar-powered suitcase are the day’s UK shipping forecast, whilst from the other comes a violin piece composed (in response to both the harps and the forecast) and played by violinist Alison Blunt of the London Improvisers’ Orchestra. Meanwhile (in E E … Aotearoa) from the land comes a karakia (incantation) in response to this very British installation spoken by Jo Tito.

This work contains elements of past (violin), present (aeolian fishing lines) and future (shipping forecast).

The musical composition binds the two less predictable sonic inputs, while the fishing lines anchor the ‘tone’ of the work in real time. The sonic output varies over time as the lines respond to tide height and wind strength, whilst a hint of things to come is ever present in the shipping forecast. The system is powered by the sun.

Thanks to Matt Saunders in London for his great work recording and mixing.